3 Signs of a Quality RV Dealer

Whether you want to buy or sell an RV, you want to make sure the RV dealer you work with is reputable and will work on your behalf. We at Fillmore Outdoor Storage & RV Sales want to pass along these three signs of a good RV dealer—and qualities our team strives to live by on a daily basis.

1. Good customer service

Do you feel like you’re top priority when speaking with the RV dealer? Are your questions answered in a timely manner? Does the RV dealer communicate with you clearly and effectively? If you’re able to answer “yes” to these questions about an RV dealer, then you can rest assured that the company prioritizes giving you a good RV sales experience.

2. High customer ratings

Try to dig up customer reviews on the RV dealer. Look not only for the generic ratings, but also pay attention to what former customers are saying about their experiences buying or selling an RV. These reviews speak to the type of service you can expect and the RV dealer’s reputation.

3. Competitive pricing

A good RV dealer is realistic about the condition of the used RV for sale and has set an appropriate price. Hopefully, the dealer is willing to talk about price and negotiate if necessary. Before buying or selling an RV to a dealer, make sure the quoted price seems to be in line with industry norms. Be wary of prices that seem too high or too low, because these variations could be a red flag.

If you’re looking for a reputable RV dealer in or around Moorpark, Valencia, Ventura, Lake Casitas, Santa Clarita, or Fillmore, contact Fillmore Outdoor Storage & RV Sales at (805) 910-9324. We’ll gladly answer your questions and help you buy or sell your RV.

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