RV Solar Panels

Say goodbye to relying on generators and shore power. Fillmore Outdoor Storage & RV Sales in Ventura County offers an efficient way to bring energy to your motorhome — RV solar panels. As an affordable solution, RV solar panels are easy to maintain and give more independence when traveling. For more information, call our office at (805) 910-9324.

The Power of RV Solar Panels

With innovative changes in everyday energy solutions, mobile solar panels are more affordable than ever. At Fillmore Outdoor Storage, we have inexpensive options for new RV solar panels in Valencia, CA. Aside from affordability, solar power offers RV owners the following:

RV Solar Valencia CA
Low Maintenance

The reason why so many RV owners are turning to solar power is the convenience of maintaining them. Because of the lack of moving parts, the only maintenance work required is cleaning debris from the glass when needed.

RV Solar Panels in Valencia
Extended Battery Life

The life expectancy of a typical RV battery doesn’t extend past three years. In fact, recharging a battery with the energy of a generator doesn’t even bring the voltage back to its original level. When you switch to RV solar, the battery will be charged at 100% during sunlight hours and can last up to ten years.

RV Solar Panels Valencia CA
Peace and Quiet

Support the green movement with a RV solar panel system! Not only will it help the environment, but it’ll also give you a quiet ride on the open road. Noisy generators will simply be a thing of the past.

Our RV Solar Solutions

At Fillmore Outdoor Storage, we can help you choose the best RV solar system for your next camping venture in Valencia. Whether this is your first time investing in solar panels or you need to replace an outdated system, we will offer a solution that fits the style of RV and budget. Below are the types of RV panels we offer.

Solar Panel System #1 Solar Panel System #2
Designed to maintain the batteries and utilizes a battery charge controller Designed to maintain your batteries and make all outlets live without use of a generator
Ensures that the batteries are always at 100 percent while on our RV storage lot Includes a charge controller, solar panel, and inverter, which converts DC 12-volt to AC 110-volt power
Charges your batteries during sunlight hours while camping Gives the ability to watch TV, charge electronics, and run the microwave

Learn More About RV Solar Panels!

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If you’re going to be spending all your free time camping under the sun, why not profit on the rays? The sun’s energy will power your RV with built-in RV solar panels. Our professional technicians are here to consult you on the right solar panel system for your needs.

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